In 2016 we were joined by some incredible speakers.  We are starting to put the programme together for 2017 and will up date this page when speaker information is available (early in 2017).

Karl Ye

GMP Pharmaceuticals

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Karl Ye has been working in pharmaceutical industry for over 27 years, by introducing GMP standards into food industry, he had set up few pharmaceutical standard manufacturing plants including GMP Pharmaceuticals Australia, GMP Pharmaceuticals New Zealand, GMP Dairy and GMP Nutrition.

As the largest pharmaceuticals & dietary supplement manufacturing group in Australia & New Zealand, GMP owns few patent technologies including food processing Black Box and consumer friendly traceability system.

In 2005, Karl set up a new business system called AUNEW to offer "one stop export to China service" to Australia & NZ natural product  exporters.

Karl Ye is a board member of Infant Nutrition Council.