In 2016 we were joined by some incredible speakers from New Zealand and around the world.  

Dr Mark Dawson

Merieux NutriScience

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Dr Mark Dawson joined Merieux NutriSciences as Microbiology Technical Support Manager, Australia, in 2014 when he sold his company, DMG MicroLabs, to them.   Mark is primarily responsible for microbiology technical support and quality for the company in the Australian laboratories, and provides microbiology technical support and quality in the Asia Pacific region.  He has extensive experience over 30 years in laboratory practices and auditing as well as trouble shooting and method development.  

Mark is an expat Kiwi science graduate from Massey University, Palmerston North. He went on to complete his MSc (Hons) in Microbiology before moving to the Department of Biotechnology where he completed his PhD in 1986. He subsequently relocated to Sydney Australia as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in vaccine research.

Mark then moved heavy industry research with the sugar industry in North Queensland, where he developed several microbiology test methods. He then joined one of the largest private commercial food testing companies in Australia, before setting up his own commercial food testing laboratory in Brisbane.

This variety of positions has enabled Mark to gain a wide range of experience in the analysis of food and pharmaceutical products.