In 2016 we were joined by some incredible speakers from New Zealand and around the world.  

Peter Bray

Airborne Honey Ltd

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Peter grew up in a beekeeping family that packed and marketed its own production.

Started by his grandfather and partner in 1910, Airborne is NZ's oldest honey company and NZs oldest honey brand.

In the late 70s he spent five years living in Australia with two of those years studying beekeeping at the Gatton campus of University of Queensland.

He was a member of the NZ National Beekeepers’ Assn marketing committee from its inception in 1985 and during the period when the industry implemented its marketing initiatives for manuka honey in the 1990s.

He is a current member of the NZ Bee Products Standards Council (the interface between government and industry) and is the current vice president of the NZ Honey Packers and Exporters Assn.

A keen nature photographer, cyclist, windsurfer, fisherman and boatie.