In 2016 we were joined by some incredible speakers from New Zealand and around the world.  

Prof Indrawati Oey

Food Science Department, University of Otago

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Indra is the Food Science Head of Department. She is also actively involved in teaching and supervising students.

Her research focuses on the development of smart processing strategies using conventional and advanced food technologies to create healthier food products with unique sensory characteristics. Understanding mechanisms and kinetics of enzymatic and chemical reactions during processing and shelf life is a pre-requisite to assure the quality of food products. Also understanding consumer perception and acceptance of food products and processing technologies used are essential to achieve sustainable production and marketability of food products.

Indra is Professional member of New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology and Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), United States. Her positions include being internationally elected as a member-at-large of the Executive Committee Board of Non-thermal Processing Division at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), United States since 2012 and Ambassador of Global Harmonisation Initiative for New Zealand. She was Chair of Training and Development for European Project funded NovelQ project (2005-2008) and Secretary of the Otago/Southland Branch New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology (2012-2015).