Detective Inspector Paul Borrell

District Manager: Criminal Investigations Tasman District Nelson New Zealand Police

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Paul is a Detective Inspector, currently working as District Manager, Criminal Investigations for Tasman from March 2014 to the present date. He has 30 years police service with 25 years holding investigative roles within a CIB context. 

Prior to his current role, Paul promoted to Detective Inspector to head the School of Investigation at the Royal New Zealand Police College being a position he held for 12 months. 

Prior to that, he held a Detective Senior Sergeant role as senior CIB trainer at the Royal New Zealand Police College in 2004 before returning to lead front line CIB investigation for Wellington City CIB 3 years later. 

In 2010 he was appointed Area Manager, Investigations for Lower Hutt CIB where he remained until 2013. 

As a CIB leader, Paul has led a number of homicide and other high level investigations over recent years as well as working within numerous and varying roles in many other investigations. He considers it an absolute honour to provide a voice for victims and their families who are affected by crime that rightly enables them to attain justice.  

In 2015, Paul was seconded to Auckland to take up the 2I/C role for Operation Concord being the criminal investigation into two blackmail threats by an individual to contaminate infant milk formula with 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) pest control poison. The blackmail was conveyed by way of two threat letter sent simultaneously to N Z Federated Farmers and Fonterra in November 2014. 

Paul remained working on this investigation for a total of 9 months that ended with the identification and arrest of an offender who has since pleaded guilty to two charges of blackmail and who is now serving an extensive period of imprisonment.

The Operation Concord investigation was nominated for an international award sponsored by the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) and was awarded second placing for excellence in investigation. Paul and one other Operation Concord colleague had the honour and privilege of being invited to accept the award on behalf of the N Z Police and Concord team at the most recent IACP conference held in San Diego in October 2016.