Prof Hong Tan

President, Guizhou Academy of Science

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Professor Tan is the President of Guizhou Academy of Science and has been named the top professional of national science and technology. Prof Tan is a Ph.D supervisor at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology and a Master supervisor for Guizhou University. She is  the secretary of the third food safety inspection agencies credit union , the chairman of Nutrition Big Data and Health Management Committee in China Nutrition Society. Prof Tan is the food safety risk communication expert for the State Food and Drug Administration and she is also a member of the China Association for Instrumental Analysis, the National Committee for Technical Standardization, the Maotai-favor Liquor Branch Technical Committee, and the local food safety standards review committee of Guizhou province.

Prof Tan is mainly engaged in the analysis of scientific research related to food, environment, materials and industrial production. In recent years, she has led more than fifty projects, such as National Support Plan, the National ‘863’ program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the national science and technology research and the international cooperation.  Prof Tan is a world class researcher and she has won 7 Provincial Science and technology awards, published more than 80 papers in international journals.  Prof Tan holds 7 invention patents, 6 utility model patents, 30 software copyright registration rights, and participated in the formulation of 1 international standards, 3 national / industry standard and 4 local standards. 

Since 2013, Prof Tan has led the effort in building the food safety cloud, one of the key big data projects in Guizhou province. The Food Safety Cloud has been incorporated into the national food safety innovation project, and it has been selected as top 100 "Chinese" Internet plus " practice by National Development and Reform Commission. The Food Safety Cloud includes three system and 1 platform: food safety supervision system, food safety testing system, food certification information management system, food safety traceability system and food safety big data platform. The Food Safety Cloud now has more than 120 million data of 40,000 agricultural products. The Food safety cloud provides the science and technology support to enhance food safety of agricultural products in China.